Staying Ahead of the Competition by Offering Website Care Plans

Hi there fellow web agency owners and freelancers!

We all know that the web design/development industry is becoming increasingly competitive, and it can be tough to stand out from the crowd in the WordPress world. However, there’s one great way to differentiate your business and add value to your services that’s not overly-saturated: offering website care plans to your clients.

In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of offering website care plans and how they can help you stay ahead of the competition. We’ll also share success stories from other web agencies and freelancers who have successfully implemented website care plans, and provide tips for marketing the service to potential clients.

Grab a nice tea or coffee and get ready to learn how offering website care plans can help you take your business to the next level.

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The Current Competitive Landscape for Web Agencies and Freelancers

With the rise of easy-to-use website builders (they who will not be named) and more businesses moving online all the time, web designers and developers are facing more pressure than ever to differentiate themselves.

It also seems that clients are becoming more educated and aware of what they want in a website. I find this to be a good thing, but it also means that web designers and developers need to constantly adapt to changing client requirements and provide high-quality services to remain competitive.

And with the increasing number of businesses moving online, the demand for web design and development services has risen, resulting in a larger number of web agencies and freelancers offering similar services. So, it’s crucial to distinguish yourself from the competition by providing extra value to your clients.

The Benefits of Offering Website Care Plans

In 2014 I started offering care plans for my WordPress clients. It seemed like a natural extension of the hosting and support I was already offering my design clients after launch. I currently manage care plans for over 80 client sites.

Lots of good things can come from offering care plans to clients…

  • Increased client retention. Some of my clients have been with me for more than 10 years, and the percentage of design clients that choose a care plan after launch is more than 85%.
  • Another revenue stream. Passive income FTW! Or at least semi-passive income. In 2022, I earned more from my care plans than from design and development work.
  • Opportunities for upsells. If you offer other services it’s important to remind care plan clients about them. Consider using a regular newsletter for this.
  • Better client satisfaction. Clients feel well taken care of when you design and develop their website and then offer high-quality hosting and support going forward after launch.

Overall, website care plans can help web agencies and freelancers retain clients, increase revenue, and improve customer satisfaction, making them a really valuable addition to any web professional’s service offerings.

5 Ways to Market Care Plans to Clients

  1. Educate clients about the benefits. When marketing website care plans, it’s important to emphasize the benefits to clients, such as an always up-to-date site, increased security, regular updates, and improved site performance – and be sure to explain why each of these things matters to their business. Highlighting the value of these benefits can help to persuade clients to stick with you and invest in a care plan.
  2. Offer three tiers. Providing multiple tiers of website care plans can be an effective way to appeal to clients with different needs and budgets. Most clients will likely not go for the highest-priced premier package, but having it still provided an opportunity for upsells for the right client.
  3. Showcase success stories – or horror stories! Sharing success stories from other clients who have benefited from a website care plan can help to build trust and demonstrate the value of the service. Consider including case studies and testimonials on your website. You can also share the horror story about the client that came to you with a hacked website after they declined a care plan and failed to update anything for a year.
  4. Bundle care plans with other services. Hosting is a natural choice, but you can also include care plan subscriptions in web design or marketing fees. This can provide a more comprehensive solution for clients, and may make it easier to upsell them on additional services later.
  5. Create educational content. Consider creating educational content like blog posts or videos, that explain the importance of having a website care plan and how they work. This can help build trust in your expertise and experience.

By following these tips, web agencies and freelancers can effectively market website care plans to potential clients, and increase their likelihood of success!

Final Thoughts

Website care plans can be a valuable service offering for web agencies and freelancers looking to retain clients and increase revenue. By emphasizing the benefits, offering several tiers of service, showcasing success/horror stories, bundling them with other services, and educating clients on why it’s important, businesses can effectively market this service to potential clients.

Overall, care plans are a win-win for both clients and businesses, providing clients with peace of mind and agencies or freelancers with a recurring revenue stream. Plus, there are opportunities for upselling additional services.

By incorporating website care plans into your own service offerings and effectively marketing them to your clients, you can take your web agency or freelance business to the next level!

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