I’m Debbie Campbell, a web designer and developer with over 14 years’ experience building custom WordPress websites. In 2014 I started WP Minder because I was already hosting many of my clients… adding Care Plans seemed like a natural upgrade.

We currently host and maintain over 80 client websites.

The Care Plan Welcome Packet

This template is based on the welcome packet we provide to our own Care Plan clients. It was developed over years of providing this service and includes all the things we want clients to know about doing business with us.

It saves time because all we have to do for new clients is add their name and website URL and it’s ready to go. Once in awhile we’ll make changes to content, but after setting it up initially, there’s little more to do.

Our clients like getting a document that has all the info they’re likely to need about their Care Plan. It’s convenient and it presents a professional impression right from the start of our relationship.

Check out our template and see if it can help you with your clients, too. It will save time when you’re onboarding new clients, plus it may give you some ideas you haven’t thought about yet.

Thanks for visiting!

Debbie Campbell