The Website Care Plan Welcome Packet

Start Care Plan clients off right by making sure you’re both on the same page from day one.

Setting Expectations is Crucial.

Be proactive about setting expectations with your Care Plan clients from the very beginning. By setting clear boundaries, you can reduce the chance of misunderstandings and conflicts.

Build a trusting business relationship by making sure your client knows what to expect, and they’ll appreciate the thoroughness of their Welcome Packet.

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Care Plan template pages

Save Time & Effort Onboarding New Clients.

Our Website Care Plan Welcome Packet template helps you onboard clients more efficiently by organizing all the info your client needs in one place.

Customize your new template to fit your business and present a smart-looking PDF to your clients. They’ll get info regarding your office hours, how your support works, what’s included in support and what isn’t, and much more.

The Heavy Lifting’s Already Done.

We currently care for 80+ client websites, so we get you!

This template was designed to help us share our Care Plan service info with our own clients. It’s easy to read, light on graphics for ink-efficient printing, and totally customizable to suit your way of doing things.

Add or remove pages as needed. When you onboard a new client, add their name and URL and it’s ready to convert to PDF.

Pages from the template


What Customers Say…

The Care Plan Welcome Packet Helps You Set Client Expectations So That…

  • They know what is and what is not included in support.
  • They know how to request support and when they can expect a response from you.
  • They know when they should request support.
  • They have a list of the services provided in your Care Plan.
  • They know about any possible addons you may offer for their Care Plan and how to request them.
  • They can easily find answers to the most commonly-asked questions about your Care Plan all in one place.
  • They know what other services you offer besides the Care Plan and how to request them.

Frequently-asked Questions

The Care Plan Welcome Packet Template is for freelance web designers, developers and web agencies who offer website Care Plans to their clients.

Yes, it’s designed around features and services typically found in WordPress Care Plans.

Choose the Google Slides template or Canva template – both are completely customizable.

You get a link to copy the Care Plan Welcome Template to edit in either Canva (free account needed) or Google Slides. In the template are 16 pages to customize plus easy instructions, which you’ll delete when you’re done editing. The pages include:

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Table of Contents
  • Meet the Team
  • Office Hours
  • How to Get Support
  • When to Get Support
  • Support Includes…
  • Featured Services
  • Premium Licenses
  • Optional Add-ons
  • FAQ
  • What Else Can We Do For You?
  • Referrals
  • Closing Thoughts

Placeholder content is included with ideas and suggestions for typical WordPress Care Plans. You’ll need to add your own text and customize the placeholders to suit your needs.

You can change all the text, colors, shapes and if you like, add images or graphics. Remove pages you don’t need or add more – it’s all up to you.

You’ll need a free Canva account or Google account and basic knowledge of how to use Canva or Google Slides. Step-by-step instructions are included.

You can download it as a PDF and send to your clients.

Because of the digital nature of this product, there are no refunds under any circumstances. If you have questions, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.