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    The Website Care Plan Welcome Packet – Google Slides Template

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    Make sure you and your Care Plan clients are on the same page from day one!

    The customizable Website Care Plan Welcome Packet template for Google Slides helps you set expectations for new clients so that:

    • They know what is and what is not included in support.
    • They know how to request support and when they can expect a response from you.
    • They know when they should request support.
    • They know who’s providing the services for them – your team.
    • They have a quick reminder of the services in your Care Plan and why they’re important.
    • They know about any possible addons for their Care Plan and how to request them.
    • They can easily find answers to frequently-asked questions.
    • They know what other services you offer besides the Care Plan and how to request them.

    The goal is to help your Care Plan clients understand how your service works and how to get the most out of it, so that they stick around for a long, long time.

    Who it’s for: This product is for freelancers and web agencies that provide website Care Plans for their clients – or are considering offering that service.

    What you get:

    • A 16-page Google Slides template that’s completely customizable – and it’s easy to add or remove pages.
    • Detailed instructions on how to customize it to fit your business.

    What you need: To use and edit this template you’ll need a free Google account and basic knowledge of Google Slides.

    How it works:

    1. Purchase the template.
    2. Follow the link in the confirmation email.
    3. Click ‘Make A Copy’ to copy the template.
    4. Edit as desired.
    5. Download in PDF format to send to your clients.