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What’s the Website Care Plan Welcome Packet?

It’s a template for collecting all the info your client needs to know about your care plans in one convenient place.

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It’s for web designers, developers, agencies, and other professionals who sell and manage care plans for their WordPress clients.

The template will help you organize all the things… plus it comes with placeholder content, ideas and suggestions for ‘typical’ WordPress care plans. You’ll need to add your own text and customize the placeholders to suit your needs.

It will help them get more out of your care plans, with a document that has everything they need to know all in one place. They’ll understand how and when to request support, what’s included in their care plan, and what services you offer. And anything else you want to include that’s useful for clients to know.

While you could use it for other platforms, all the placeholder text is designed with WordPress in mind.

You get a fully-editable, 16-page Canva or Google Slides template you can customize to fit your business. It’s easy to add and remove pages. And you can export it as a downloadable PDF to send to clients.

You’ll need a free Canva account or Google account and basic knowledge of how to use Canva or Google Slides. Step-by-step instructions are included.

Don’t forget to use discount code YFDP20 to get 20% off either template.